After School Program

for students 3-18 y/o

Our After School Program provides enrichment classes to students whose Russian language is part of their family's inner culture.

Classes include subjects such as Russian Grammar, Reading, and Writing, Literature, Theater, Arts and Crafts, The World Around Us, Logic and Math, and Film.

Schedule, Fees, Calendar

Everyday we work hard to enrich life and culture of our children

Schedule & Fees
We are open Monday through Friday 3:45 - 7:45PM. After School Program tuition fees are paid per semester. Fall Semester is 4 months long, and Spring Semester is 6 months long.
Academic Calendar

The After School Program runs for 10 academic months, from September to June, according to its own calendar. Children's theater performances are scheduled bi-annually and are very important dates for the Studio. For holidays and recess closures, ASP follows both the NYDOE calendar (excluding religious and administrative holidays) and the public holidays calendar.

All our After School groups, ages 4 and up, include classes in literacy and grammar, which, in combination with age, serve as determining factors for new students' admission. The admissions process consists of the following steps:

Filling out the Contact Form. The information in the Form allows us to determine the overall level of the child and prepare the correct information for follow-up communication.
Initial phone call. After we review the information provided in the Contact Form, we will reach out via text or email to schedule an initial phone call and discuss everything in more detail.
School tour & evaluation meeting. After a phone call we schedule a school tour along with a 15-minute evaluation meeting for the child with one of our Russian grammar/reading teachers.
Trial class. Based on the evaluation meeting results, and given that there is available space, we offer a parent a 2-hour trial class in one of the programs that we believe is appropriate for the child's level.
Contract signing. If both the child and the Studio are happy with the child's placement in the group, we email an e-contract to the parent for execution.
Tuition fee payment. The Studio uses QuickBooks for tuition fee payments, pledges are delivered via email. Parent has an option to pay with Credit Card (2.9% fee), or Bank Wire (1% fee); the Studio does not accept payments via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, paper checks, cash, etc. Fees are prorated only if the student enrolls in the middle of an ongoing semester and has missed more than 4 weeks since the beginning of the semester.
Receive materials and Google Classroom access. After the e-contract is executed and the fees are paid, we will grant access to the group's Google Classroom for reports and homework, give the child a folder with books, workbooks, and notebooks, and welcome them to their new group.
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